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80’s Cult Classic Movie Locations in Los Angeles

The decade of the 80’s can be remembered for many things – not least of which, a treasury of movies which are regarded now as cult classics. Discover Los Angeles recently highlighted movie locations for some beloved 80’s flicks in the L.A.-area, which we think fans will enjoy while visiting for a conference, meeting or incentive. Here’s a peek at just a few.

The beautiful house inhabited by mad scientist “Doc” Brown (played by Christopher Lloyd) in the ever-popular “Back to the Future” is a tourist attraction in its own rite. Known as the Gamble House, this stunning example of Craftsman-style architecture from 1909 was commissioned by the David & Mary Gamble (of the Procter & Gamble corporation) and designed by Greene & Greene architects. It now is open as a museum, and the gift store is housed in the peaked-roof garage where Michael Fox’s character Marty McFly would have visited Doc!

While there is no actual Ridgemont High School, you can visit the stand-in: Van Nuys High School, which holds double cinematic interest as the actual alma mater of actors including Marilyn Monroe, Robert Redford, Natalie Wood and Jane Russell.

On this 1986 classic teen love story, Molly Ringwald’s character Andie Walsh lives in a small cottage with her dad played by Harry Dean Stanton. While the small house was meant to be in Chicago, you’ll find it (looking almost exactly as it did in the 80’s) in South Pasadena.

Remember when Clark Griswold (played by Chevy Chase) took the infamous swim with the mysterious Girl in the Ferrari in 1983’s National Lampoon’s Vacation? That pool can be found at the GuestHouse International Hotel in Norwalk, which still looks like it did back in the day. And that mysterious Ferrari woman? That was supermodel Christie Brinkley, of course!

There are many, many more fun movie locations that can be incorporated into a Los Angeles city tour for movie buffs. Consider combining a movie tour like this with an 80’s themed party at the end for a ‘totally tubular’ event!


Photo by Russell Darling via creative commons

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