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Top 5 Activities for Thrill Seekers in Las Vegas

By Britteny Jones, Uniquely Northwest Project Manager

When it comes to adventure I am not one to shy away – some may even say I am a thrill seeker. I have done quite a few daring activities including bungee jumping four times, tandem skydiving, parasailing, paragliding, caving/repelling and zip lining. When I have an incentive group looking for some adventure, I tell them to look no further than Las Vegas! One of the greatest things about Las Vegas is that the city offers a wide variety of thrilling and daring activities for people from all walks of life. For instance you will never see my mother jump out of plane for fun, but she would jump at the chance to fly a fighter plane. As a project manager, here are my top 5 daring adventures we can do with incentive and convention groups.

    • Tandem Skydiving: With this adventure not only are you getting an adrenaline rush, you get to do some sightseeing as you fly over Lake Mead & Hoover Dam! This activity includes a 15 minute flight, a free fall of approximately 30-60 seconds and a parachute flight of approximately 5-8 minutes.
    • Zip Lining at Red Mountain: The course starts atop Red Mountain and sends you screaming down Bootleg Canyon. As you are “flying” down at up to 60 miles per hour (96 kph), make sure to take a look at the breathtaking views of the Mojave Dessert! With four different courses and over 8,000 feet (2.4km), you are sure to have a great time.
    • Thrill Rides at the Stratosphere Tower: The Stratosphere Tower is the tallest freestanding observation tower in the United States and offers four thrilling rides! Whether you are looking to ride a giant teeter totter 866 feet (264 meters) above ground, to be shot up the side of the tower 160 feet (49 meters), suspended and spun in a large mechanical arm over 900 feet (274 meters) above ground or diving off the world’s highest commercial decelerator descent from the 108th floor (829 feet – 252 meters) the Stratosphere Tower is the place for you.
    • Flying Your Own Fighter Plane: Discover the trill of air – to – air combat by flying your own high-performance plane with the help of a real expert combat fighter pilot. Learn the art of basic fighter maneuvers, so you can outsmart your opponent and get the kill. If you do not want to fly your own plane but still have the need for speed, no worries – you can enjoy the ride while the fighter pilot steers.
    • Machine Gun Shooting Range: Enjoy a state-of-the-art Las Vegas shooting range that puts a bang in your visit to Vegas! Whether you are a longtime gun enthusiast or a curious beginner, you can experience the excitement of shooting a variety of automatic and semi-automatic guns in an indoor shooting range.


      These are only a few examples of the exciting activities we can plan for your incentive, meeting, convention or event. Everyone can discover their inner daredevil with the many thrilling activities Las Vegas provides.  Do you dare to give your group an adventure they will remember forever?


Photo by US Air Force via creative commons

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