Alaska’s Northern Lights and The World Ice Art Championships


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Known as the Gateway to Denali National Park, Fairbanks provides the perfect setting to enjoy the best that Alaska has to offer. This former Gold Rush town is now the second largest city in the state, and it provides a great base for adventures into the surrounding wilds. Fairbanks sits within a ring-shaped region around the North Pole called the auroral oval, which provides great opportunities for frequent Northern Lights activity, and the local climate offers many clear nights ideal for viewing.

Auroras – natural light displays caused by highly charged electrons interacting with elements in the earth’s atmosphere – are primarily seen at high latitude areas surrounding the earth’s magnetic north and south poles. These colorful, shimmering curtains of light that dance across the sky are amazing to witness firsthand.

Uniquely Northwest’s Northern Lights and Ice Art Championships Program in Alaska includes three evenings centered around viewing the Northern Lights, whether it be from a remote cabin or right outside your guest room at the amazing Chena Hot Springs Resort. Also featured is a VIP tour of the World Ice Art Championships! This month-long celebration features beautiful statues carved from high natural blocks of ice by more than 100 ice sculptors from all over the globe. Their glistening masterpieces can be six to thirty feet tall and weigh as much as 40,000 pounds.

This exciting incentive program allows guest to step into the magic and adventure of the Arctic North. Encounter Alaska’s treasured wildlife on an unforgettable walk with reindeer. Feel the rush of mushing a real dogsled team, and the adrenaline of a thrilling trail ride by snowmobile. Take in the majesty of the region on a flight seeing tour over the Brooks Range, Yukon River, and the Arctic Circle. Don a parka and set into the world’s largest year-round ice museum, kept at a cool 25° Fahrenheit (-7° Celsius) . And enjoy local-style dining in authentic establishments beloved by residents and visitors alike.  

Uniquely Northwest is ready to host your next incentive group in Alaska – contact us to arrange your adventure in the Far North today!

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