Polar Bear Viewing Adventure


Polar Bear viewing Churchill incentiveExperience wild polar bears in their natural habitat as part of a high-end incentive program! Uniquely Northwest is thrilled to offer exclusive polar bear viewing opportunities for our clients, a unique adventure for your incentive, corporate event, retreat, getaway or meeting that few corporate groups ever get.

Welcome to the land of white whales, wolves, caribou, moose and the world largest terrestrial predator, the polar bear! Churchill, Manitoba, known as the Polar Bear Capital of the World, is a pristine wilderness area perched on the shores of Hudson Bay. Churchill boasts close encounters with these amazing animals thanks to its location on the polar bear’s annual migratory route to Hudson Bay from the Arctic tundra. Every autumn polar bears assemble here as they wait for the sea ice to freeze and prepare for their seal hunt. This area is one of the few human settlements where polar bears can be observed in the wild; nowhere in the world can humans and polar bears come within closer proximity than in Churchill.

Participants can securely view polar bears in their natural habitat from special local tundra vehicles that are designed to move smoothly over ice and snow and protect passengers and animals alike. Professional guides will lead you through thrilling bear encounters in a cozy and well heated environment. Groups can even stay overnight in a custom-designed tundra lodge right in the middle of polar bear territory to experience the magnificent animals up-close and around the clock.

Polar bear viewing times range from mid-October to mid-November. Our incentives are tailor-made and are designed for four to five days. They are great on their own, but also ideal to complement any incentive program in Toronto or Vancouver. Churchill is easily accessible through Winnipeg International Airport with connections to all major cities in North America.

Imagine staying at an intimate remote lodge at one of the best locations on Earth to view and photograph polar bears – this unique thrilling experience is an adventure of a life time!

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