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Pitch a Tent this Summer – Go Glamping!

By Natalee Haldeman, Uniquely Northwest Project Manager

I get nostalgic and sentimental about camping trips; a chance to reconnect with nature and disconnect from the rushing world. After a few epic road trips, both work and personal, over the last three years I have fully embraced the need to get out the city. I emphasize highly the necessity of seeing the less inhabited beauty of our destinations with our incentive groups.

The challenge to find time for outside-the-city experiences in a 5 day incentive or meeting program is real. We understand wanting to see it all in each of our fantastic destinations and also the desire to eliminate the longer coach time needed to reach some natural attractions, so we always try to strike a balance between the two. In search of the perfect balance we find accessible nature, alternative experiences, and new accommodation options that integrate nature into the experience. For Summer 2015 we would like to highlight one of our more alternative options: glamping.

“Glamping”, AKA glamorous camping, hits all the marks for outdoor enthusiasts and well-traveled guests who have seen it all because it is an experience that cannot be replicated. Glamping can vary from site to site but consists of the normal tent site, campfires, barbecues, and natural beauty of camping but includes the posh amenities of a high-end hotel. Inside one’s tent is fully functioning and fashionable furniture including a full queen size bed, lounge furniture, rugs, beside tables, and lamps. In addition the campsite location is exclusive, campsite butlers are onsite to assist with campfires and luggage, meals are catered and the bathrooms have hot running water.

Glamping is the perfect retreat for an incentive group that is looking for something different, something exclusive, and most importantly a program with a focus on natural beauty. With the right location glamping can be far-away from it all but still accessible to a major city for site-seeing.

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