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Iconic Places: The Grand Canyon

Over the centuries, the might Colorado River steadily cut through layer after layer of rock as it flowed through the American West. The result? A spectacle of natural beauty and a piece of American pride – The Grand Canyon!

Located in northern Arizona, Grand Canyon National Park is one of the world’s premier natural attractions. At 277 miles (446 km) long, up to 18 miles (29 km) wide and with depths of over a mile (6,093 feet or 1,857 meters), it’s easy to understand why the Grand Canyon has attracted so many people over the years, from the native Pueblo people who considered it a holy site, to scores of international visitors today – about 5 million each year!

Visiting the Grand Canyon is an easy day trip for incentive guests based in Las Vegas or the Phoenix/Scottsdale area. The pleasant, temperate climate of this region means that it can be added to your itinerary any time of year. Among the attractions is the Grand Canyon Skywalk, a transparent cantilevered bridge that horseshoes out over the Canyon at a height of 4,770 ft (1,450 m). Seasonal activities such as rafting and hiking also draw adventurous thrill-seekers.

As a Nevada & Arizona destination management company, we are always excited to include a visit to the Grand Canyon as part of our incentive trips. This natural landmark is unmatched the world over and is sure to leave a lasting impression with guests. But rather than packing into a tour bus to reach the site, we offer remarkable VIP experiences. Imagine a flightseeing tour in a private plane or helicopter, offering the best views, and maybe even topping off the experience with a special moment, such as touching down on the canyon floor and sharing a champagne toast. Unforgettable!

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