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Las Vegas Day Trip: The Valley of Fire

The glamor and excitement of Las Vegas makes it a very popular destination for incentive travel, meetings and conventions alike. In “the city that never sleeps” there is always something to do. But did you know that there is a whole different world, just a short trip out of the city?

Welcome to the Valley of Fire. It’s Nevada’s oldest and largest state park, and lies just 55 miles northeast of Las Vegas, yet it might be one of the area’s best kept secrets. Exploring this magical landscape can provide a refreshing and fun break from the hustle and bustle of a Las Vegas itinerary.

Spiraling energy, perhaps magnetic, seems to come out of the rugged terrain in this valley of strange geological formations – a place created during the age of the dinosaurs by shifting sand dunes, some 300 million years ago. Petroglyphs dating back 300 years show that this was considered a magical place by the ancient humans who visited here. They regarded the stands of petrified wood, colorful stones that resembles wood logs (in a part of the desert where there are no trees) as gifts from their gods. Today you can see where it has been hidden since the Triassic Period, for 240 million years.

One feels high realms of awareness, an up-lifting of spirit and, energized during a visit to the valley. Some say this positive effect can last for days. There is no explanation for the unusual behavior of magnetic compass needles here. It may have something to do with iron and other mineral deposits that appear in brilliant colors in the towering cliffs.

A day spent visiting the Valley of Fire provides a unique adventure as part of Vegas-based incentive program. Our recommended ATV tour winds through a series of trails visiting sand dunes, sand stones, washes and gullies and provides breathtaking lookouts over Lake Mead and the north side of the valley. After a lovely picnic lunch in the park, cap the adventure with a thrilling shot down the zipline!

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